French Style Bedroom

If you've read anything on my blog you'll know how much I love French design. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! This room below is actually a spare bedroom but it also acts as my office where I enjoy working on designing layouts for my signs. In the morning hours this room is enveloped with the morning sun. It's a peaceful place and that was what I was trying to achieve for this space. The colors are soft and the bed linens that I purchased in France are totally my favorite! The bed is from the late 1800's which I found while traveling through New England. I purchased it as seen in the photos. It was absolutely perfect the way I found it!

I love this room so much because I feel as if it's almost complete. (Always room to add more!) I have finally captured what I've been wanting for this room. The thing that really makes me happy are the window headers that I added. I had some left over old barn wood and I never really knew what I wanted to do with it and then I had this "AH HA" moment! And I LOVE it!

(The opposite side of this room contains a wood pallet shelf that I constructed. You can view it here.)

Before adding old barn wood window headers.

Barn wood window headers