Recycled Wood Pallet Shelf Tutorial

I have a corner office in one of our spare bedrooms that I want to revamp. Just the corner…nothing major. Just want to make it my little corner of inspiration. My main office is in the basement…not fun, I know, but since my business involves sanding and painting I really can’t be doing that in my office/spare bedroom. However, I need a place where I can work on my layouts and have a pretty place to do that. I’ve found a ton of neat little office space ideas on Pinterest that I’ve pinned to my “office space” board.

In my quest to make over my “corner” I decided I wanted to add a shelf. But me being me….God forbid I just go buy one….heck no! I needed to make my own. So therefore, having some pallet wood I made my own.

  1.  I cut the three pieces to the length that I wanted and then stained each one using a homemade stain.
  2. Once the stain was dry I mixed some powdered milk paint (Miss Mustard Seed) with lots of water to make it really thin and runny. I just wanted to be able paint a "wash" over the stain.
  3. Once all the pieces were dry I drilled holes in each piece so that they lined up perfectly when put together.
  4. I used the dowels to join the three planks together. I dabbed some wood glue on both ends of the dowels and inserted into the holes.
  5. I used a hammer to pound the pieces together so that there weren't any gaps between planks.
  6. Finished....with the shelf.

When I finished making the shelf I needed to make the brackets. I debated on just purchasing some iron ones but I really liked the look of everything in wood.

  1. I cut three different length pieces of 2.5" wide wood. One was 1.5" less than the width of the shelf. The other was 3" longer than that piece and then for the center piece I cut a piece that allowed me to position it 3" in from the edge of the top piece (piece in which the shelf will sit on) and 1.5" up from the bottom piece (piece that will be against the wall). This section also needed to have 45 degree angles cut on both ends.
  2. I glued all three pieces together with wood glue and then used an air nailer to put nails into it to make sure that the brackets wouldn't come apart.
  3. Once the brackets were made I then used the air nailer again and nailed the shelf to to brackets from the top of the shelf.

Once everything was assembled I was then able to hang it on my wall.

IMG_0636 - Version 2.jpg