Kate Spade Italia - Spring 2014


Anyone who knows me knows that I claim Kate Spade as my best friend! She may not realize that we’re BFF’s but that’s okay, just as long as she continues to put out great items I’ll always know that we’ll be BFF’s til the end!

Recently she has captured my heart again! First with Kate Spade New York, which happens to be my most favorite US city AND now Kate Spade Italia, which happens to be my most favorite country in the world! She’s a girl after my own heart! Although most of Kate’s items are not within reach of my wallet they sure do make delicious eye candy! These are just a few of my recent favs!

1. Vita Riva Large Bella Pouch

2. Via Limoni Vivi

3. Sparkle Lemon iPhone 5 Case

4. Vita Riva Wicker Lemon

5. Figi Sandals

6. Via Limoni Large Bella Pouch

7. Via Limoni Francis

8. Flashcards Large Manuela

Are you a Kate Spade fan? If so, I’d love to hear from you. Tell me what your favorite Kate Spade item is!