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How many small business owners are like me?

1. On information overload trying to absorb everything about marketing, branding, SEOs and whatever else I may be missing.

2. Obsessed with trying to figure it out. 

I spent a large part on my evenings this weekend reading everything from Facebook tips on what and what not to do, to getting followers on your Pinterest page, to pinpointing your “ideal” customer, to how to get found in SEO searches. I’ll tell you what…my brain is frazzled. I honestly cannot even remember my own name right now!

My goal in this blog topic is to try and sum up what I have learned. But with so much information I think I need to break it up into different segments…SO, in this segment I want to share with you what I have learned about having a Business Facebook page…are you ready? (Many of you probably already know everything I’m going to touch base on but for those of you that don’t I hope this information helps. It’s just a scratch on the surface…)

First and foremost I learned that using your FB cover is the most important element. It’s what everyone sees first when they go to your page. What’s awesome is that you can change your cover whenever you feel fit. It should be eye catching! Use color, graphics, pics…it’s endless. But make sure it has something to do with your brand. AND USE YOUR LOGO!!! Currently mine is a picture of paint brushes done in soft colors. One, I feel it fits well for what my business is about….painting vintage style signs. Two, I have in use my logo.  I do feel that maybe I could do better with my cover so I intend to work on it. Plus, it’s nice to keep updating it so you don’t bore your followers with the same cover every time they visit your page.

Under your FB cover on the left is that small area to add vital information. I read that this  is VERY important to use. OOPS…probably should do a better job on mine. This is the place where you want to have links to your other sites and a brief description about who you are and what you do. Short and to the point.
Mine shows a link to my website and to my Etsy site. Not too much about who and what though…YIKES…I have a lot of work ahead of me!

Now for posting…this one has always baffled me! I don’t ever want to over post and I don’t ever want to under post…so where’s the balance, right? From all the information I have gathered it seems to be that once or twice a day is pretty much key. (Keep in mind, this is only a recommendation!) No one wants to be overloaded with numerous feeds every day from a business they are following…gets pretty annoying and it’s a good way to loose “likes”!

Want more engagement from your fans? Yea, me too! I’ve toyed around with a few ideas to get readers involved. Some have worked and some have not….actually many have not. But in all the reading that I did this past weekend I seem to be doing all the right things….hmmm. So what’s recommended? Well, here is what I’ve summed up.

  • Ask questions with answers that require only one word comments. Example: Do you like to take naps? (I know, boring question but I’m just throwing out an example…) The answer would be either a simple “yes” or a simple “no”.

Fill in the blank questions that would only have a word or two for the fan to comment is another idea. Example: If it were to snow in July it would make me                                   . Easy Peasy!

Need help coming up with ideas? Here is a great link to check out that may be helpful!

  • Run contests. It’s easy to run contests on Facebook without having to use a 3rd party app. Simply create your own contest and run it in your post. I recently ran a birthday contest. All it required was for anyone that wanted to play to simply like and add their birth date in the comment. Whoever’s birthday matched mine won a $25.00 gift card to my Etsy store. It was a huge hit! Almost 5000 views and over 180 comments! YIPPIE!
  • USE PHOTOS! People like to see images. Personally I feel that this is what eyes land on first vs. text. I came across a great website that is FREE. It allows you to create fun, colorful and amazing photos for you to use. (I’ve been using them for this blog post.) You can add your own text and photos on layouts that are pre-made. Trust me, it’s a ton easier than creating in Photoshop if you want to create something fun, easy and quick. Note: when using photos on Facebook it is recommended to use photos that are 1200x1200 pixels. (Facebook cover size recommendation is 851x315 pixels.)


Another important factor to consider when posting is timing. To get insight to when people are looking most often at your page you can simply go to your Insights tab. See if you can find a trend. Once found use it to your advantage. However, in general I have gathered additional information on this and what I found was that posting around noon, 2:00-4:00pm and 8:00pm-1:00am are key times. These time frames are worth trying and another way to see when your fans are viewing your page. Just schedule your postings to run during these times and see what works.

So, these are just a few things that I thought were important out of all the reading I did for business Facebook pages. It’s a good start anyway. I’m most likely going to try to implement all of this within the next week on my Facebook page. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully I’ll have a good follow-up post to this letting everyone know that I gained 5000 new likes and all it took was having a contest on giving away my house! lol

If any of you have other tips and tricks I’d love to hear them. Don’t be shy! I know there are a lot of smart people out there that have more insight on this topic!

Oh, and BTW, I have a few links to share that I came across. Check them out. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a couple useful ones.

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Hope to hear from you!