Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors


Color Chart compliments of Annie Sloan®

So, if you’ve read through my blog you’ll know that I am a big fan of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. This is the only paint I like to use for my signs. It ROCKS and for several reasons….

1. It dries super fast. (Which is a must when I have like 30-35 Etsy orders on my list.)

2. It doesn’t have any odor.

3. It produces the best “vintage style” look.

4. It can paint over anything.

There are several more reasons but I’m sure that if you’ve used her paint you know what they are.

Recently I picked up her latest color chart. Inside she had added a brief description of each color. I thought it would be fun to share these with you as I found each description interesting.

BURGUNDY: Inspired by Pompeii (Which, by the way is absolutely amazing!! A must see!)…It has a strong neoclassical heritage. 

EMPEROR’S SILK: Traditional Chinese lacquer.

SCANDINAVIAN PINK:  A natural pink inspired by a mix of red ochre and white found everywhere form Scandinavia to Mexico.

HENRIETTA:  This color was brought into the finest houses of Europe as part of a gentle neoclassical scheme in the 18th century.

ANTOINETTE:  A soft pale pink inspired from the dusky wall colors of French interiors in the 18th century.

COCO:  A classic color due to its warm pigment.

PRIMER RED:  This color can be found in everything from Venetian palaces to Vietnamese temples.

EMILE:  this color found its beginnings in bohemian Paris.

PALOMA:   When purples first became possible this became a classic color.

BARCELONA ORANGE:  A brilliant modern orange. Was seen in early advertising in the 1960’s and for decoration.

NAPOLEONIC BLUE:  Inspired from “Ultramarine” and “Cobalt Blue”. Found in decorative work in neoclassical interiors.

OLD VIOLET:  18th century color inspired by Ancient Rome.

ARLES:  A rustic color inspired by the French town of  Aries.

GREEK BLUE:  Found on rustic doors, shutters and furniture throughout the Mediterranean.


OLD OCHRE:  Evocative of old French painted furniture, woodwork and exterior doors in Paris.

CREAM:  Traditional yellow used on old woodwork as well as part of a 1950’s vintage look.

AUBUSSON BLUE:  Named after the 18th century Aubusson rugs and is a perfect Swedish interior color.

PROVENCE:  Seen on shutters and doors of the South of France.

ANTIBES GREEN:  Neoclassical as well as rustic country from Ireland and the south of France.

VERSAILLES:  Found on fine old French furniture.

ENGLISH YELLOW:  Inspired by Chinese hand-painted wallpaper and the development of Chrome Yellow pigment in the 1700’s.

DUCK EGG BLUE:  Rococo interiors. This color originated from the discovery of a blue pigment in the 18th century.

FLORENCE:  Found in neoclassical Italian and French interiors.

OLIVE:  Traditional green that is also found on rustic country pieces.

CHATEAU GREY:  This color came into being when painters mixed all their leftover colors together to make a base paint.

COUNTRY GREY:  Cool and soft neutral color.

PURE WHITE:  A classic modern color.

OLD WHITE:  A versatile white.

PARIS GREY:  Inspired by French and Swedish interiors.

FRENCH LINEN:  inspired by the color of aged, natural linen.

GRAPHITE:  Inspired by the traditional pigment, Lamp Black.

These are all beautiful colors! Currently I do not have every color. I have decided to stick to the colors that I have found to be most popular for my signs. I have started experimenting with mixing colors and have come up with a couple new colors that I will be adding to my sign color palette. I will be posting them soon on my Etsy store site.

I hope you enjoyed reading about these colors. If you have any questions about the use of this chalk paint please send me a message and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.