French Drying Racks

I believe that my obsession with French Decor is consuming me! I tend to get on these kicks of wanting an item that I feel I need and is calling out to me.

My current obsession is with French Drying Racks. Have you seen them? Talk about being functional. Talk about being cute and oh so FRENCH! There are so many things you can do with them. Original purpose? To dry drinking glasses after washing in cafes and bars in France. It is what they would use instead of hand drying all of the drink ware. MY PURPOSE? Well now that depends on which one I end up buying some day… I love the counter top ones however, in my obsessed search I have stumbled upon some that hang on the wall….



As you can tell, these can be quite funtional! I’m loving this last photo and how it holds ribbon, little buckets of tags and twine. Perfect for a gift wrapping station!

Until next time…