August Birchbox Samples: Reviews



I must say…I was a bit disappointed with this months Birchbox! Maybe next month’s will make up for it… anyway, these are my thoughts on the products.

 1. Tan Towels

These tan towels did add a bit of color. I really liked the idea of the tanning product within the towel. It made it easier to apply and I felt that you could get a good, even application as opposed to applying a tanning product to the skin and then having to rub it in using your hands and hoping you applied it evenly.

2. It’s A 10 Miracle Leave In Product

Okay…I LOVE this leave in conditioner! I have been using it after every hair washing. One of the main reasons that I like it so much is that when I wake up in the morning my hair has tons of body. It doesn’t weigh my hair down. (In case you’re wondering…I wash my hair at night because I lack the patience of a saint and can’t stand to take the time to blow dry my hair in the mornings!) This product is an A+ on my list and will definitely purchase a full size bottle! (P.S. I just happened to see that Target sells this line of products…)

3. Model Co Party Proof Lipstick

The color that I received in my Birchbox sample was Kittie. I really liked the color; very subtle and would probably look great on anyone….well, except maybe guys but you know what I mean! One thing that I did notice is that it really lacks staying power. I have been using it every day but find that I need to reapply it often. However, it is very creamy and my lips felt moisturized all day long! That’s always a plus!

4. Dr. Jart + Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45

Again, another “Love this product”! I like anything that combines several ingredients in an all-in-one formula! Saves time and space…if your bathroom cabinets are anything like mine they are over flowing with about a million face products. After applying you will notice a soft shimmer that gives your face a nice dewy appearance. (Love that!) Also loving the broad spectrum sun protection and anti-aging ingredients. Another good thing to note is that it’s paraben free!

5. Jasmine Seven Wipes

First, let me just say, these would be great for travel. Especially if you’re like me and refuse to wear anything other than flip flops while traipsing around God knows where. Flip flops and travel = dirty feet. They did have a nice scent and were extremely easy to use and super convenient. They would also come in handy for right before going to bed. Clean feet = clean sheets!


Stay tuned for next month’s Birchbox breakdown!