I received some exciting info...

last week about my dad. For those who have read through my blog posts you may remember me mentioning briefly that my dad was adopted from Germany within a few years of the end of WWII.

Well, I have some friends that live in Germany that were willing to see if they could dig up any information for me. I was just looking for anyone who had maybe remembered my dad from the years he spent in the foster home. I had the name of his foster family and where they had lived at the time they cared for my dad. After a year, almost to the day, my friends received a phone call from a lady that remembered my dad!!! I am so excited. I just wrote a letter to her and my “German Daughter” (she was our German exchange student and has since been back to visit with us) is going to translate it into German! I can’t wait to send this letter to her and tons of photos of my dad!

Agnes, the lady that remembers my dad was a foster child in the same home. She was 10 years older

than him….I hope to follow up with more info soon.