Tips To Consider When Traveling


We can all use them, whether we’re traveling abroad or right here in the Good ‘Ole US. These are just a few things that I have learned with the traveling that my husband and I do.

1. Spend ample time planning your trip.

2. Make all reservations before you go. Even your spot at the Naked Spa Resort. You don’t want to miss the point and laughs there!

3. Pack light! Even if this means only packing your bra and panties and a pair of flip flops. No one likes to carry around heavy luggage.

4. Obsessively look up the weather at your destination place starting one month prior to leaving. Keep looking like every half hour until it’s time to leave.

5. When asked for your boarding pass tell them that you’re just “carry on” and you didn’t think you needed one.

6. Scribble out your picture on your passport. When asked to see your passport say, “What??? I didn’t like my picture!!”.

7. On long flights hang an “Out of Order” sign on one of the bathroom doors and consider it YOUR bathroom, that way when you have to go you won’t need to wait in line.

8. With your ear buds in and iPod blasting sing along to the old favorite tune, “You Dropped A Bomb On Me” just to see what really happens if you say the word “bomb” on a plane!

9. When served your “entree” stand up and shout, “They’re trying to poison us! Don’t eat it!”

 10. When deciding what to wear remember you only brought your bra and panties…wear them proudly and tell everyone it’s the new look.

11. If the person seated next to you on the plane starts snoring to decibels that make you want to kill someone, gently place the little pillow they give you over their face until the snoring stops. No silly, don’t kill him. You’re just muffling the noise. (I know what you were thinking! Shame!)

12. Take a thousand pictures on your trip and post every single one of them with lengthy details about each photo to your Facebook page just to annoy all your friends back home.

13. Instgram ALL your meals! But go one step further…post pics of you with your meals smeared all over your face. Make it the new “meal photo” trend. People are tired of seeing food on plates!

14. When standing in line somewhere, preferably not in the US, ask the people around you if they want your autograph. Tell them your a big star from the US!

 15. And last but not least, have fun!

Now take these tips and go on a trip…GO ON…get out of here! :)