Rome-The last few days of our trip

Our Final Three Days: ROME

I’m so sad…our trip is coming to an end. We have had three wonderful days in Rome although walking around in silence sometimes as both of us are feeling the sadness of having to leave the most beautiful place on earth again. Can I be honest here? Every time, the night before we leave, I get really emotional. I know, right? What’s wrong with this girl you ask? I think it’s this weird deep connection I feel to this place. I mean I am of European descent…but who isn’t, right? …my dad is Ukrainian and was born in Munich. (That’s another story that I should share with you some day…it starts with WWII.)

Okay, getting back on track. Of course we HAVE to go to the Vatican. We never miss a chance to see it. It’s amazing. I mean, isn’t it the smallest country in the world….hang on, I better check on that…yes, I’m right. Check out this link

Vatican City, Piazza San Pietro
Vatican City, Piazza San Pietro
Along with seeing the Vatican again I like to visit Piazza del Popolo! Not that it’s super amazing….it’s just fun to say! Check out this link to get a full 360 degree view. It’s better than any photo I could show you.
But, I will share a few.

Piazza del Popolo, Rome, ItalyPiazza del Popolo, Rome, Italy

If you happen to visit Rome and want to shop I highly recommend via del Corso. This street is lined with awesome stores! Anything you can think of is on this street. It runs north and south and is close to the Tiber River. As you get closer to Piazza del Popolo (Again, fun to say!) it becomes pedestrian only which is nice. God forbid you get ran over by a scooter! (HEADLINE: American dies in Rome after taking on a scooter.) If you’re into “high end” you’ll want to find yourself on via Condotti and via Borgognona. (These two streets are right at the foot of the Spanish Steps.) I’m really good at window shopping on these two streets. I would even go as far as calling myself a professional window shopper here!

Campo de’ Fiori is a great place to visit…preferrably in the morning hours. It’s a large outdoor market that sells local goods. You can get anything from fresh fruits and veggies to coffee to flowers to brightly colored pasta and alcohol (Free samples of the alcohol were at the top of my list!)
I enjoy watching the locals at these markets. Most Europeans buy their food fresh daily (unlike us who insist on piling a months worth of food into our grocery carts so we don’t have to go back to the store for four more weeks!) So since they go pretty much daily to the markets it seems as though they all know each other. It’s so fun to watch Italians together! They are quite animated…I have yet to learn all of their hand gestures!

Pictures from around Rome:

The Victor Emmanuel Monument

The Victor Emmanuel Monument

Fountain of Trevi

My husband, Patrick and me

I hope you enjoyed this blog series of our recent trip to Italy. I enjoyed sharing it with all of you.