July's Birchbox Samples: Reviews


1. Purminerals CC Cream

I typically don’t use tinted moisturizers but this one actually works pretty well. It provides a fair amount of coverage close to that of a foundation BUT with lots of benefits such as concealing and brightening the skin. I also noticed that it evened out my skin tone. What’s awesome is that it contains an SPF 40 sun block! VERY important!

2. Birchbox Bobby Pins

These are nice. Definitely hold your hair in place. They don’t slip and they stay put. They even have cute designs and colors. The only downside to them for me is that I would prefer these in a smaller size. I felt they were too large for pulling bangs to the side. Overall however, they are cute.

3. Benefit Ultra Radiance Spray

Mmmm, such a wonderful scent! I love facial sprays. Especially during travel, and this one is super nice! It has a clean fresh scent. I used it to set my powder in the morning and as a mid-day freshener. It is well worth the purchase of a full size bottle!

4. Whish Shave Cream

This shave cream is and isn’t worth a full size purchase. Let’s start with why it is: In testing this sample I decided to shave one leg with this product and the other leg with what I normally use. I did this for a period of three days. The leg with this product actually gave a better shave! It helped prevent nicks, gave me a smooth leg and made it feel soft and moisturized. I noticed that on the next day stubble was more prominent on the leg that I used my normal shave gel. NOW, for the con: if you have grouted tile (like on the floor of your shower…we have a stone peddle style floor in our shower), you will notice that if you don’t rinse the cream off the floor really well it will dry on the grout and you literally have to scrub it off! Other than that it is a really good product!

5. Kerastase Shampoo

This shampoo wasn’t exactly a favorite. I didn’t notice any difference in my hair but maybe with long term use one may see results. It’s nice that it contains a UV filter for those of us with color treated hair. (Lord knows how bad the sun is on our hair!) It does contain sulfate so error on the side of caution if you have color treated hair…it can cause it to fade.

6. Kerastase Shampoo

Oops, I lied! This wasn’t a conditioner….YIKES! It was another packet of the shampoo….(See #5)


Stay tuned for August’s Birchbox reviews….