May's Birchbox Samples: Reviews


Not familiar with Birchbox? Well, it’s a company that sends a monthly box of samples straight to your home….upon signing up. Is it free? Unfortunately it’s not. I know, right? Aren’t samples suppose to be free?  But anyway, many of the items are more like “travel size”

Personally, I am BIG on samples. Especially when they are samples that give you several uses instead of one so that you can see if it’s truly something you’d like to continue using and be willing to spend your money on. I mean, who hates purchasing a full size product of something you’ve never tried before to find out that not only do you hate it but you’ve just wasted some good cash on it?

So far I have received three Birchbox sample boxes in the mail so I’ve decided to blog about each one individually. However, as you can tell…this one is from May so I am a tad bit behind.

1. Amika Nourishing Hair Mask

If you have dry or processed hair this one could be the perfect hair mask for you. One, the smell is amazing! Fresh and fruity. Honestly….I must say that it did make a difference in my hair. Much softer and shinier.

2. Sumita Eye Liner

Ok, I LOVE THIS EYE LINER! Do you hate it when you purchase an eye liner you’ve never tried before and when you go to apply it it’s like using a crayon on our eyes? This on rocks! It glides on very smoothly without the tugging and pulling that many liners cause. I would highly recommend this liner!

3. Marvis Toothpaste

What can I say? It’s toothpaste. Not exactly a favorite for me. I prefer gels over paste.

4. Coola Classic Sunscreen

Again, nothing special to be honest, although it is paraben free which is always a plus. It does contain some zinc oxide but not enough to call this a “sunblock”…just a sunscreen. If you’re anything like me you’re all about the “BLOCK”! Being a Radiation Therapist, I have treated far too many skin cancers to not reach for a total sunblock….just saying…

5. Isaac Mizrahi Fabulous Perfume

Dee-lish! I fell in-love with the scent. I took this with me on our trip to Italy and enjoyed spraying it on every day. It had a long lasting scent and was not over-powering. Fresh and light with a citrus scent.


Stay tuned for more Birchbox reviews….