Rome, Italy- Day 1

Day 1: ROME

Our plane landed at 9:00am Italy time. (3:00am Eastern time in the States) Oh my word…so tired but it really isn’t phasing us much. Thank you adrenaline! We know that in order to acclimate ourselves to the six hour time difference that we MUST stay up until the Italians go to bed. (That’s if they ever to go bed! They sure do like to get their drink on until the wee hours of the morning!) I guess basically what I’m saying is that if you can make it to at least 10:00pm their time you’re pretty golden….

We don’t really have anything on our agenda for the day. Just plan to wonder around and take in the sights, smells, language and the sounds of Vespas (popular scooter brand in Italy). We did happen to wonder over to the ever so popular Spanish steps. (If you like to “people watch”, let me tell you…this is THE place to be! It can be pretty interesting!) Word of advice: If you happen to go there DO NOT TAKE THE ROSES! Mistake #1 on our first trip. There are many men their that carry dozens of roses and literally will push a rose or two in your face. First you’re like, “My God, this man is trying to poke my eye out!”, then in the next nano second you’re like, “Ahh, he thinks I’m cute!”…and then you find yourself reaching for the rose and BOOM, the second you take it out comes his hand and you realize…dang, it was neither one of those! (Not that you wanted your eye poked out but the thinking you’re cute was still out there!) NOPE…he wants your money!

Second word of advice: BE CAREFUL OF THE MARBLE STEPS! (Everything is marble there.) Yup, I must admit although very beautiful….very dangerous! I cannot lie, I have bit it at least a handful of times over our several visits there! Nothing like hearing the sounds of people gasping as they watch you “gracefully” fall! I swear I am going to end up in the ospedale (hospital) over there either of a broken leg or a broken ego! Hopefully only the later as I’m sure that is more easily fixable!

More still to come….


Spanish Steps-Rome, Italy

Spanish Steps-Rome, Italy…Man with Roses!