Our Latest Trip to Italy

Hi Everyone!

Although we’ve been to Italy more than a handful of times I cannot suppress the excitement and thrill that encompasses me when I look out the plane's window and watch our arrival into Rome’s airport. There’s just something about Italy for me. It feels  familiar…even on my very first visit there in 2006. Perhaps in a past life? You never know….

When our plane lands and we exit the airport into the sounds of smells of Italy it’s like, “Ahhh, home again.” Although I know my REAL home is in Ohio with my wonderful college aged son,Troy, my family just a couple hours to the north of us and our beloved pups (Roman, Emmy and Abby….Gee, I wonder how “Roman” got his name!), I cannot escape the consuming thoughts of wanting to engage upon the thrill, joy and the unknown of living somewhere in Italy.  My husband and I have spoke of doing this ever since our first visit and have never put an end to the thought of it. It’s still very much alive and so very near now. God it’s so close…I can almost reach out and touch the reality of it. Just one more stretch and I’ll have a firm grasp on it!

So, since it always seems easier to fly into Rome being so centrally located we usually start our trips there. This particular trip is a repeat of the same one we took a few years ago. We needed some serious R&R and knew that by going back to the same places we wouldn’t feel like we needed to run around like chickens with our heads cut off to make sure that we see every possible square inch of any new cities that we visit! (Seriously, it’s an awful site….!)

Stay tuned….more to come….