Capri, Italy

Days 2-4: Capri, Italy


Ahh, it’s early…did I sleep? I can’t remember…it sure doesn’t feel like it…but up and at ‘em….we have a train to catch! Today we’re on our way to the island of Capri. (I hope I saved enough of my allowance from childhood because this place is NOT on the “cheapest places in the world” radar! lol)

We arrive to the bustling Rome train station in plenty of time. It’s only an hour and ten minute train ride to Napoli “pronounced Nap-O-Lee” (My husband was corrected on this by our taxi driver!). Once we arrived in Napoli we jumped in a taxi and headed to the pier to catch a hydrofoil to the island. It’s a 40 minute trip to Capri…as we are pulling into the port I’m thrilled that my memories from our last visit held true…this place is absolutely, amazingly beautiful!

After getting off the boat we make our way to our hotel which is only a seven minute walk from the pier. I booked our hotel through so I pretty much knew what it was going to look like…or so I thought! My God, this place was bella! Way better than in the photos! The name of the hotel was Hotel La Residenza.

View from our terrace

Hotel Lobby
We spent three days and two nights here. There really isn’t too much to do here. (Which was nice for us because this is to be a RELAXING trip for us.) This island is well known for it’s extremely upscale shopping. I chose to stick with window shopping. That’s all that I could afford! We did visit Villa San Michele. I’ve included a link here if you wanted to read about it. One word to describe it…STUNNING! So jealous of this guy and his home!

View for Villa San MicheleVilla San MicheleVilla San Michele

Villa San Michele

Capri also has a chair lift that will take you all the up to the top of the island. I remember on our first visit there we had no idea what was up there. Once you get off the lift you need to walk up a set of steps. Upon approach we were left speechless by the amount of beauty that laid before us! Like seriously SPEECHLESS! For any of you that have been there I know you know what I’m talking about! …I have included some photos of what it looked like!

Capri, Italy

Capri, ItalyChair lift, Capri, ITaly

Well, after three wonderful relaxing days surrounded by nothing but gorgeousness we prepare for departure and it’s on to Positano!

Arrivederci per ora!