Tutorial: Transfering images to fabric

Welcome back…(I’m actually talking to myself there since I haven’t posted in a while! YIKES!!)

So, I’ve decided to do a tutorial about transfering images to fabric. For this, I have chosen to put an image onto a dish towel. This is so super easy it’s not even funny!

The towels that I really like to use can be found at Walmart. These are like the best ever!! They are super absorbant and they dry quickly…AND you get five of them for $5.00!!!

I prefer to wash my towels first…but you don’t have to.

What you’ll need for this project:
-CitraSolv (Can be found at stores that sell organic type items)
-Small glass bowl
-Chip brush (or anything that can brush on the CitraSolv)
-Newspaper (Not the ads because the colored images from them WILL transfer to your towel!! TRUST ME!)

Shall we start?

For this towel I decided to create my own image. I’m hosting a “Springtime in Paris” party this weekend and wanted to do this towel to use at the “drink station”.  You can use any image you can find on the web too…The most important thing is that you have to have a LASER JET printer with toner…which is any laser jet. (NOTE: You can use colors but I just want to mention that they will look faded on the fabric and sometimes don’t turn out the greatest. Black is best but I wanted to use a splash of color for this particular towel.)
Below you will see what I created in my Printshop software.

When printing words be sure to flip the image either in your software program or in the print settings when you print. If you forget, no biggy! You’ll just have to get good at reading it backwards! hehe

It’s best to iron your towel first and to figure out where you want your image.

Once you know where you’d like your image it’s best to pin it on the corners so it doesn’t move…unlike my picture…just imagine that there are pins on the corners! hehe
Place the newpaper under the towel or whatever you may be using to put your image on. This keeps the CitraSolv from getting on your ironing board cover.
The next step is to brush on the CitraSolv. Be sure to completely saturate the entire image.

Once you have done this use the back of your spoon to burnish the image onto your towel (fabric). Use some muscle here and be sure to do all parts of the image really really good! You will want to do this for a good minute or two. I always like to pick up a corner of the paper VERY carefully to see how things are coming along. If you do decide to do this try not to let the paper move around because things can get pretty messed up on your towel. That’s why its best to make sure you pin the corners down.

Once you feel satisfied with the transfer of the image, remove the paper and iron over the transfered image. I feel that this really locks in the colors.
After that, you’re good to go! This is a permanent transfer. It will not wash away.

Have fun! Message me with any questions you may have.