Spring is in the air!

Hi everyone!

Again, it’s been awhile but I thought I’d post some pictures I took that will get you in the Spring mood if this amazing weather already hasn’t! Seriously, it was 76 degrees today in Columbus. I had to check my GPS to make sure I was truly in Ohio and that I didn’t take the wrong way home from work and end up in Florida! This his been the BESTEST (I know, not a real word but I like it!) winter ever……I hope it’s like this every winter from here on out. I mean really, we can’t have Mother Nature messing with us and dropping 20 feet of snow on us next winter. That would be really mean and uncool!

Okay, well like I said, Spring is in the air and I’m quite excited so I decided to make this really cute butterfly banner……two of them actually, to hang in our home. They’re “Springy” and I thought they were adorable so I wanted to share them with you. I actually saw this on a blog a while ago. I wish I remembered which one so I could credit her. I also took some floral shots. I love, love, love photographing flowers!

P.S. The vintage mirror in the first two photos was a gift from my wonderful Aunt Vick….I love it. I just finished painting it and distressing it and it turned out exactly like I wanted!

I hope you enjoy.