Tutorial: Making Your Own Clothing Labels

Hi Everyone! I hope you’re all having a super great evening! I’ve finally gotten myself out of my ever spinning head and focused on a blog topic.

The other day I was making a custom order skirt and putting my label on it and thought to myself, “Hey, these clothing labels would make a great tutorial”. I am all about doing everything myself and try to be very resourceful. Plus, I really despise spending money on things that I can just do myself. So, if you’re like me you’ll enjoy just how easy and CHEAP it is to make your own labels for your own clothing designs! (Have you ever looked for yourself on just how expensive custom labels are???? Nothing like setting you back a couple mortgage payments!)

Well, for starters you’ll need to purchase sheets of printable fabric. I bought mine at Michaels. They are only around $16.00 for a pack of them but frugal me always has coupons with me!!! USE YOUR COUPONS LADIES!

Picture #1 will show you what the package looks like.

Picture #2 shows you what the individual fabric sheets look like.

So obviously I put my business name on mine……I mean who wouldn’t, right? I have an image of what mine look like before I cut them. The easiest way to make them is to use a program like PrintShop or something similar. Microsoft Word works just fine as well. In whichever program you use open a “return address” label template that you can customize. I used the one that measures 2 1/4” x 1”. I then created the look that I wanted on my labels and printed it onto my fabric sheet. (Make sure you are using an inkjet printer as these are made specifically for this type of printer.) This is what mine looked like.

The easiest way to cut them is to use a rotary cutter and a ruler……be sure to leave room around all sides so that you can turn under all the sides and still have your image showing.

Here you will fold over the longer sides and iron them flat.

After doing this you will want to fold in the corners and then fold those over to make a straight side…..I’m sure the picture explains it muuch better than what I just said.

Do this to both sides.

Press these really well and insert pins on the ends to secure until you need to use it.

And finally, this is what you end up with……TADA!!!

I hope you found this tutorial useful. Your comments and ideas are always welcomed!

Until next time…….