Craft Room Ideas

Currently I’ve been doing a ton of Internet surfing. Primarily other blogs and such. Now, I know this isn’t just happening to me, but do you ever find yourself gazing at the clock after surfing the net and saying, “Holy crap cow, where did those four hours just go?”  Yah, it’s like passing out drunk and waking up in another time zone. 

So right now I’m trying to find some awesome craft room ideas. My dad is going to come down and help me  build a room in my basement so that I can have one go-to place for all of my projects. Well, it’s more like I’m going to help him. (Dad, if you’re reading this….don’t forget!)  I have two separate areas right now. My sewing room is upstairs and my painting and screen-printing area is downstairs in the basement. Sometimes I get an awesome routine going that consists of starting in the basement prepping my wood board signs with the first coat of paint then running all the way upstairs to start a sewing project, then back downstairs for the second coat of paint and back upstairs to my sewing room. I mean really, who needs a stair climber when you have this kind of a routine going?

Well, after doing all of that zoned out net surfing I have found some really great ideas. I decided to make a Craft Room Inspiration photo showcase to share. Tell me what you think and by no means leave out any awesome ideas that you may have. I’d love to hear them!