When In Rome

Do you know where that saying came from?

“When in Rome” has 2 meanings:

1. When people need to adapt to their new surroundings. Also being flexible regarding customs you’re not used to that will help you fit in where you might not normally.

2. Is that all roads lead to Rome! Europe was flourishing at the time. But Rome built many of Europe’s roads. So therefore they made the roads lead to Rome.  (Credit)

As mentioned in my last blog entry I promised photos of our trip to Rome. I just randomly selected some and they probably aren’t perfect but I love sharing photos.  Oh, and if you ever go I have the perfect place for you to stay. The name of the hotel is Hotel San Carlo.  You can find the info here.  Great location! Great rooms! Great daily breakfast. There was only one teensy weensy issue. (It didn’t affect us and I’m sure it wouldn’t happen to you…) Anyway, it was kind of comical. When we were checking out the hotel desk person must have been having a dreadful morning. Perhaps he woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something. (Is that really possible? It must be because my mom use to say that to me all the time!) Anyway, there was a large group of young Americans gathered together ready to leave and for some crazy reason Mr. Desk Person started accusing all if them of stealing the room key cards. Seriously, really? Now I’m not sure if you’ve ever witnessed an angry Italian but this guy deserved an Oscar! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Italians!! This guy just happened to be a bit on the loony side. Out of nowhere he just started grabbing random suitcases from these kids (actually, it was a great game of tug-of-war as the kids started grabbing them back) and demanded that they open them because he insisted on going through them to get the key cards back! OUCH! Not a good move. You should have seen these kids stand up for their American Rights! Better yet, you should have seen Mr. Desk Person….I swear he was foaming at the mouth like a rabid animal!   AND THE OSCAR GOES TO….MR. CRAZY DESK PERSON!

So anyway, all in all it was just plain comical! I mean, could you imagine that happening here in The States? Not on your life!

Okay, enough chatter….it’s time to sit back, take a sip of your coffee and if anyone tells you that you’re spending too much time on the computer, shrug your shoulders and say “WHEN IN ROME”…

Have a great day!




This happens to be the oldest church in Rome.






This is Piazza di Popolo. (I love saying that! It’s fun.)



(Anyone missing some toes???)






Thanks for spending time with me!

Happy New Year! May this be the BEST one ever!