Ahhh, Italy

Have you ever gone somewhere that you have never been before and it felt familiar? Yet, you’ve never seen the place, maybe only in pictures, and felt this deep feeling of “I’ve been here before”.  Deep within you is this tremendous feeling of peace and happiness that enters your core and permeates to your exterior in the form of a mammoth smile smeared across your face and people stare at you like you’re pazzesco (crazy)…this was Italy to me.  Ahhhh, Italia!


My first experience abroad was in July of 2006. My husband and I went to Venice and Rome. We had no idea what to expect.  Once we got there we realized that it was a place you could never “expect”.  There is not one word to describe it. I don’t think that whatever the word would be has yet made it into the dictionary.  Perhaps the definition is “smeared mammoth smile across one’s face”. Yes, that’s it…it’s not a WORD to describe Italy; it’s a MAMMOTH SMILE. 



There you go…put THAT in the dictionary!

Ok, getting back on track. What I would like to do is share some of my photos with you that I took in Venice. I won’t pride myself on any of these photos because at that time I really wasn’t dabbling in photography.  I hope you enjoy!    (Rome photos to follow in my next blog entry.)


The Grande Canal


One of the 177 canals.


Ponte di Rialto


Piazza San Marco. Pictured behind us is St. Mark’s Basilica.


This is my hubby, Patrick. Believe it or not, the door behind him, I was racking my brain trying to figure out how I could get that home with me without anyone noticing. It was possible, right?


Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs)….there’s an interesting story to this bridge. You can find it here.



St. Mark’s Campanile. (Notice the sky? There is not one ounce of retouching in this photo. I have never seen bluer sky’s than in Italy.)


View from St. Mark’s Campanile. Interesting fact….notice how you can’t see any canals? When at the top of the Campanile you can look in any direction and still not see one canal. Weird, huh?


This is Burano. It is a small island on the northern lagoon. It was a 40 minute vaporetto (motor boat) ride to get there. This island is well known for its lace making. (I would’ve bought something but I didn’t want to have to give up our hotel and sleep in the streets if you know what I mean.)

Also, I’m sure you noticed the brightly colored buildings. Now I’m sure there are some colors here that you wouldn’t choose to paint your own home but government rules! They pick the colors. (What is it with governments? Jeez.) Having such brightly colored homes/buildings dates way back. It was decided upon by the fisherman. They all wanted to be able to see their homes while coming back from their fishing trips.


This picture looks a little off, wouldn’t you say? The campanile is truly leaning by that much. Kind of reminds you of Pisa, huh?


This is Murano. Murano is well known for glass making as you may already be aware. As you look at the next couple of pictures that I have posted here you will notice that not one of them contains anything about glass making….not quite sure why I didn’t take any photos of that….I mean, hellooooo!



This picture was just a throw in. It is in Murano but you wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t just tell you! I found these types of pictures cute to take. I love seeing these old women hanging out their windows checking things out! Do you think that would fly here? Absolutely not! People would be like, “What the heck is she looking at? Crazy lady!”.

Okay, I hope I didn’t bore you….but onto our hotel…..

We stayed at a hotel called Palazzo La Scala while in Venice.  Check it out here. The location was perfect! It is situated between the canal and Piazza San Marco. Michele (Not a girl……I know, the name is deceiving. It’s pronounce Michael.), was unbelievably awesome! I have no idea if he’s still there but should you ever stay here you should ask for him.  Molto piacevole! (Hey, this blog topic wouldn’t be complete without a lil’ Italian!  BTY, it means “very nice”.). Also, the included daily breakfast was tiptop amazing! Oh my word! Mmmmm, chocolate chip croissants! And oh my, the best coffee in the entire universe….EVER! I’m still searching for a match. There was this lady every morning that was there to serve you coffee, espresso, juice, etc. I don’t know her name. She looked very German to me. We named her Helga. It just seemed to fit, I mean, she was like 7’ tall. (I think she was the secret to the coffee! HELGA! WHERE ARE YOU???)

Okay, we are now here at the end….thanks for spending time here. To be continued….Destination, Rome.