Come take a peek inside my home...

Well, now that the holidays are pretty much over with the exception of ringing in the new year I thought it was time to crack down and start posting more. Therefore, I decided to give you a peek inside my home. This way it will give you the opportunity to see the things that I like. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to shoot some pics around my home. (My camera is ALWAYS out……it’s not like I had to dig deep into the dungeons, brush off the cobwebs and blow dust out of the crevasses or anything.)

I hope you enjoy……let me know what you think.



This is a cabinet that I made. I am so proud of it! All I started with was the leaded glass window frame and then I built everything around it. I have another one very similar in my kitchen that houses the yummies. (Yummies=wine)


Ok, I have a secret…..I have some sort of fascination with chairs. Vintage chairs. Don’t ask me why because I have NO idea! I picked this one up in a small store in Powell, Ohio. I did absolutely nothing to it because it was perfect as is.


Ahh, cherubs! I love cherubs. There’s something cute and peaceful about them. I have some all over the house. Well, not like a cat lady who has hundreds of cats laying around……but a few.


A vintage gift from my dad’s wife.


I love this. It is in my upstairs hallway. I found the metal numbers at a store in Powell, Ohio. The “I Spy” picture is something I made. I saw it in an online store and thought it was way too cute not to make one myself. The flower pictures are photos that I took. (I always photograph flowers given to me by my sweet husband!) The “B” stands for “BELIEVE” and last but certainly not least…..the picture of the handsome man, well that’s my Gramps. Not just my Gramps though, my BEST friend too. I miss him terribly as he passed away in April…….love you Gramps!


Oh, I haven’t mentioned my love of typography! Hence, the framed alphabet picture I made and framed in a vintage frame. That was another reason for making the “I Spy” art.


Here you’ll find the bust of my husband when he was young. Okay, okay, just kidding.


Moving on….

Below you will find pictures of my guest room. I love this room. It’s serene. It took awhile to complete because everything in it had to be PERFECT! I searched high and low for some of the items in it. I love the bathroom in it too. Perhaps I’ll share those in my next blog…

A lot of the items in this room are upcycled.                                                                                           The pillowcases were a gift from my Grams though that she embroidered. I had them for the longest time. I love them. The headboard was the most awesome find ever for this room. I had envisioned doing a gated headboard and could not for the life of me find what I had pictured in my mind……then, one day  heaven opened its gates (Huh, get it? GATES!) and led me to a thrift store where I found these babies!

I love my framed pictures. They are pictures I took on our first trip to Italy. They are pseudo hung by strips of beige linen fabric knotted at the top. Way easy to do if you like this look. I’m very thrifty so I try to make everything possible. The curtains are handmade. It’s hard to see but there are very thin pinstripes on them to play off the pinstriped sheets.

My upcycled light….love it. It was gold…ewww, not for me. I spray painted it black and bought some crystals on Ebay to add some pretties.


So, there you have it…..a small glimpse into my home. Ohhhh, there are more pics but I’m going to save them for another post…..gotta keep the blog going, right?

Thanks for stopping by,