My Story

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My name is Stacy Murphy. I am the owner of In Mind 4 U which specializes in hand painted quote signs. I took the two things that I have always loved, quotes and painting, and combined them into something I'm truly passionate signs!

I started my sign making business while working in my career as a Radiation Therapist. In January 2014 I left my career to pursue In Mind 4 U full-time. (My biggest leap of faith to date!) I currently sell my work on Etsy but plan to sell my signs on my site soon. As well as selling on Etsy I have some of my signs in various boutique type shops around the country.

A bit about my personal life...I’m a mom to an awesome only child who would have preferred it no other way. He is truly my pride and joy! I am also a wife to a wonderful and supporting husband who also has his own business ( I love dogs so instead of just having one I have three...Roman, Emmy and Abby.

What am I passionate about other than making my signs and being a mom and a wife? Traveling to Europe (My heart belongs to Italy!), photography, and all things pretty and Parisian.